Selection 2017-2018 – Foreign Students





Disclaimer: this is a rough translation of the selection announcement for PhD Courses.

Its purpose is to provide information to foreign students; it has no legal value.

The only official and legally binding source is the original Italian announcement


Pre-selection process for foreign candidates (i.e. non Italian citizens) to Rome “Tor Vergata” PhD courses (XXXIII cicle) is open.

The deadline to apply is March 10th 2017, no later than 4 pm (CEST). Foreign candidates who desire to apply must fill the registration form available at the address

For some PhD courses, additional admission requirements (duly listed on their web pages) may be requested.

At the end of online process, applicants must attach the following documentation in PDF format (max. 25 MB total size) and written in English:

  1. a curriculum vitae with the indication of the degree awarded, the date, the list of exams with rate/score;
  2. a motivational letter and the research project (max. 1 page A4 size);
  3. the list of publications, if any.

Applicants must also produce two recommendation letters written by university professors (see the template at the address The recommendation letters must be sent via email to the PhD Coordinator of the selected course within March 10th 2017.

Applicants not providing all the requested documentation will be excluded from the selection.

Applicants who will not graduate by October 31st, 2017 will be excluded too. They will also be excluded if the academic qualification awarded abroad has not been declared equivalent to an Italian qualification by the Admission Committee or by the Coordinator of the chosen PhD course.

Applicants with a non-Italian degree must submit to the PhD Office of Rome “Tor Vergata” a Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di valore) within three months form the application.

Applicants will be interviewed via Skype or, if possible, in presence. The timetable of the interviews will be published at the address

At the end of the evaluation process, the coordinators or Admission Committees of the PhD courses will publish the list of the suitable candidates. They will be admitted to the PhD courses if:

  1. holding a scholarship or other grants funded by their own country. In this case, before starting the enrollment procedure they must provide documentation of the source and financial amount of their scholarship;
  2. holding a joint supervision agreement with a foreign university, in accordance with the guidelines available at the address;
  3. awarded by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” of a scholarship for the chosen PhD program.

Once enrolled, PhD students will have the opportunity to participate in the Mobility Erasmus+ programme.


The Rector of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Prof. Giuseppe Novelli